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Pressing Onward

When we started this new adventure we call raising support, people told us it would be full of ups and downs, peaks and valleys, hills and plateaus. They were right. What started out as a vertical incline eventually plateaued and even went down for a month.

It was during that time that we really looked at how we were approaching this intimidating task, and realized that we had started to put the responsibility on ourselves rather than fully trusting the Lord to provide it for us.

Although we were still praying, we weren’t praying as consistently as we were when we first started out. Maybe we became over confident in our ability, maybe we became distracted. Whatever the case, things weren’t going as well as in the beginning.

We are excited once again to have had several encouraging opportunities to share about this ministry. In this process, we have gained another 2% of our goal and possibly even more in the near future.

It really is amazing how the Lord provides everything we need in His timing. When at times it looks like the bills will go unpaid, in comes another unexpected check to help us move forward. God is good. God is faithful. His love endures forever.


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It’s Labor Day – a day to celebrate & cease from our work.

This morning I sat outside our cozy 2-bedroom cottage, in the shade, reading, thinking, praying…enjoying the lack of pressure to get anything done.

A few of you know that our cottage is nestled on the corner of 3 converging freeways – not a quiet spot. Add to that the incessant whirring of cicadaes & crickets. The freeways are on my right, the wildlife all around me, and about 75 yards to my left is one of Stonecroft’s buildings from which bells (ok, fake bells-played by a cd) chime out a variety of hymns every few hours each day.

As I sat outside, the bells began to chime. I barely heard them. I strained my ears – yes, they were definitely ringing, but what song was it? I couldn’t tell. The noise around me kept me from discerning the melody…& the message.

Lately my life has been this way. I often know God is saying something, but the ruckus in my heart keeps me from discerning what it is. Since returning from our vacation in Idaho, I’ve been determined to listen. Several times a day I find myself saying “I’m listening, God, help me listen.”

As I do this, I find my self trusting Him more. And I find myself paying attention to the things that really matter at that moment. And I find myself letting Him accomplish His work through me, rather than struggling to carry those responsibilities myself.

I enjoy this listening. Why did I ever stop?


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