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Good Responses

I just wanted to give shout out to all of you out there reading our monthly newsletter. Many of you have emailed us to comment on how much you enjoy them.

We just want to say thank you for reading them! We are glad that you appreciate them and find them both informative and fun to read. We are also very thankful for all your prayers as we travel down this new and exciting road.

Now… if I can just keep this blog updated more often 😉

Thanks again!

Chad and Traci Jackson


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The Jackson 5

Growing up with a last name of Jackson always had its moments, especially in the 80’s when Michael Jackson was so popular or unpopular depending on your interpretation. So when I graduated High School, I felt rather relieved that I would no longer have to endure the countless gags about my last name from other students. It’s kind of funny now actually, as I look back at those days, but something that has long been forgotten.

Well, Friday night it all came rushing back. Our teammates Kevin, Pat, and Joe, from Iowa were in town for the weekend and we had decided to drive to Lawrence for some awesome Thai food at our favorite restaurant Zen Zero on Mass street. After waiting for a table for half an hour (which wasn’t too bad considering it was a Friday night in Lawrence), the hostess called out our name… “Jackson? party of 5?” You could just see everyone in the room get this funny expression on their face and even the hostess could not hold back her chuckle. “It’s ok” I said “..it happens all the time”.

Thai food at Zen Zero

The food was great, as always, and after dinner, we walked down the street a bit to check out the Signs of Life bookstore and art gallery. You might remember the art show that I entered last month, well the Juror for that show was Wayne Forte… the featured artist at the Signs of Life gallery this month. We all thought it would be a good “team exercise” to experience the gallery and the art and see how we might incorporate some of their ideas into what we have been thinking of doing in France.

Although we didn’t necessarily come away with any groundbreaking strategies, we did come away with what we didn’t want to do. That is, we don’t want to be an exclusive gallery space for Christian artists and their Christian art. Doing so, would effectively exclude any opportunities to work with and develop relationships with non-Christians and essentially isolate us from the very people we are trying to build relationships with.

The other idea that came out of our talks was that each of us would establish residence in a radius of our gallery. By doing this, we can hopefully be within walking distance of one another and the gallery, but still be spread out enough to develop our own unique relationships within our own neighborhoods. We could each invite those from our neighborhood to our gallery and potentially have 3 times as many as if we all lived in the same area and reaching the same people. Cool!

But, it wasn’t all business this weekend. We still had time for some fun and games. One thing we really appreciate about our team is that they know how to laugh and have fun. There is a time for talking and discussion, and there is time for laughing, which we will need to do often! One way for all of us to relax and laugh is a rousing game of Settlers of Catan, a team favorite!

Chad anticipating the win!Kevin and Pat strategizingJoe on the moveKevin realizing he is about to lose ;-)Traci enjoying her milk and cookies

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