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Thoughts from Leviticus

So I have started a new bible reading plan and have decided to go the Chronological route, that is, reading the events of the Bible as they happened chronologically in time. It has been very interesting and I have come across passages I haven’t read in years…. which is good 😉

For instance, this morning I came upon the book of Leviticus. Now, most people cringe at the thought of wading through Leviticus with all of its laws and regulations that seem very archaic to us Americans. However, I have found some interesting parallels that I think deserve some looking into and meditation.

Leviticus 26.

Let me just give that reference to all of those out there who question God’s love and faithfulness to his people.

For everyone who wrestles with that question about God’s character that goes something like this….

“if God is so good, and if God loves his people so much, how could he let something like this (insert here your choice of disaster, disease, poverty, war, famine, etc.) happen to us or to our country?”

My answer to them is…. read Leviticus 26. You tell me.

Now, one caveat here is that we are not Israel. However, we are God’s people if we call Christ our savior, which so many of our fellow americans do these days.

I think this passage answers those folks who ask these questions and wonder why God isn’t blessing us. Our country has tried everything to push God out of our schools and out of our Government and out of every other aspect of our life… and then we wonder “where is the blessing” “Why all the disasters” “How could God allow that to happen”?

Gee, I wonder… Leviticus 26?

Might be worth thinking about.


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