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Casting Lots?

So it has now been 8 months since I stepped down from my previous job to devote more time to support raising. As most of you know, its been a slow process…. which we kind of expected going into it, yet we were hoping for the quick and painless option 😉

It has truly been amazing though, to see how the Lord has provided for us every month. We are never really sure how we will make it and pay all the bills, but when we get to the end of the month…. like we are now, we are excited to see that all the bills have been paid and we see that the Lord was faithful yet again!

I can’t help but think that I should maybe find another job to “make sure” we can pay the bills. However, every time I go down that train of thought, my spirit says “mmmm…. I don’t think so.”

So today, as I was having one of those thoughts of “maybe I need to find a job”. I came across a passage in the Old Testament that talked about casting lots to discern God’s will in their situation. So I thought, “maybe I’ll try that myself.” So I took it to the Lord first, and lifted up our concerns to Him and said, I think Im going to flip a coin and see if my spirit is right. Heads I find a job…. tails I stand pat.

And the coin toss……. flip…….. tails.

Hmmmm. that’s interesting. That is exactly what my spirit told me. So Traci comes home from lunch today and I tell her what happened and she says “REALLY!? That is what I have been feeling all along too!”

So what do we make of all this? Good question. I think the Lord really wants us to continue trusting in Him…. even when it doesn’t seem to make any sense. I mean we still have some debt to pay off and any extra income would help us with that. But for some reason, that is not the path for me right now.

Honestly? I think God is really trying to show us that He is trustworthy to take care of us in any situation… even if it defies logic.



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Hello again,

I just wanted to give a quick heads up to you all about a new photo blog I started yesterday. Actually, I tried to start it last year, but got sidetracked and then forgot about it. The premise of it is to capture things through photography that are used everyday and capture it in a unique way. You can read more about what the blog is by reading the About page on Every Day Things.

I welcome any feedback, as I am really trying to hone my craft in photography. One particular reason for doing this photo blog is to challenge my creativity as a photographer, which I hope by challenging myself to shoot something “mundane”, I will accomplish a new level of creativity. I guess I consider this in part, as training for our future ministry… Creative Arts. The more I can challenge myself to be creative… the better 😉

Check out the new blog at http://www.everydaythings.wordpress.com or click here.

And spread the word! I would love this blog to be a bit more interactive so if you have any thoughts or suggestions for creative themes, send ’em my way.


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Catching Up

We have some encouraging news to report this week. Traci and I have set up a meeting with the outreach director at our church to discuss the possibility of setting up a time to share about our creative arts ministry. Our hope is to invite anyone at our church who is interested in art, missions, or France to come and learn more about what we plan to do.

We have heard that there are many creative folks in our church, so hopefully this will produce a good turnout…. and we we plan on bringing truffles for those come just to ensure we get lots of interest!

Please pray for Traci and I as we meet with Mike Bergen, director of Outreach at LSCC. And please pray that we would be able to find a good time to hold this meeting and that there would be a good turnout with lots of interest 😉

We’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

In other news, we want to report that CrossWorld has increased our monthly support amount due to the decreased value of the dollar vs. the euro. This is actually very helpful for us, as it means we can raise the extra now before we are on the field. However, it does mean that we actually went down in our percentage raised… from 24% to about 22%. Its not huge, and we are certainly grateful for the increase!

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Holiday is Over

Chad & I have been trying to learn about France as much as we can during these support raising days. We bought a language learning program, we’ve watched several French movies, we’ve cooked a French meal or two (and can still taste the garlic…:).
Our latest effort to absorb French living was to try out the Western European habit of Holiday – or at least, that’s the excuse I’m going to use for our month-long pause in blog updates. Truly, December is not known to be the best support raising month of the year, and it was slow for us. People (including us!) are busy preparing for & enjoying the holidays. Add a few snow storms that lead to canceled appointments and – voila – not much to report on this here blog.
But things are already picking up! A generous supporter gave a large year-end gift for which we are VERY thankful. Chad & I have set our support goals for 2008 and are eager to begin engaging people again with the spiritual needs in France. Our church highlighted our ministry in the church newspaper that came out this week, which will (prayerfully) open up some new doors for us.
On a related note, Chad has applied for a part-time gig with Hallmark as a photographers assistant, which would be GREAT experience and steady income. We need wisdom as we make some decisions regarding Chad’s employment options in these next few weeks. Thank you so much for praying for all these things.
Our teammates, Kevin & Pat could use some prayer, too. We’ll let you check out their blog, Nightmayers, to get the latest on them.
We are so grateful for you all! And eager to see what the Lord has planned for 2008.

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