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Glocal Festival

Thanks again for all your prayers for our mural project, it went very well. You can view the finished video and other cool photos from the project by visiting the Mayer’s website http://nightmayer.com/13.html

Up next is our local church’s Glocal Festival. Glocal, short for Global and Local, is a ministry festival being put on by Lee’s Summit Community Church… our home church. We are in charge of decorations for all the food tables, so it should be interesting to sample all the different foods. We of course, will be bringing the French truffles, so Im betting that our table will be frequented often 😉

Please pray for Traci and I this week as their is much to accomplish to get things ready for this weekend. I’ll try to take some pictures of the event and post them here afterwards so hopefully you can see what Glocal looks like.

Till then… take care and God bless!
Chad and Traci


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It’s A Wrap!

Well, its all over now, the party has died down to a dull roar.

We hope you had a great time following along with us. Check back at the Mayers website in a few days for the finished time-lapse video of the whole project start to finish. It should be a really interesting piece to see over 10 hours of footage in about 4 minutes 😉

I added a few more images to the gallery, so check em out here.

Thanks again,


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New Gallery Images

We had so many photographs, I decided to just make a gallery of them all. What a novel idea. You can see all the images at our project gallery.

Thanks for checkin’ it out!

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2pm Update

After a quick lunch, we’re up and at em’ again.

Check out the latest snaps….

Some detail shots of the mural









Kevin doing a quick interview of the artists to have them share what is unique about this project. This will most likely be in the final video product that Kevin produces.


Hannah giving the webcast audience the “out to lunch” sign.


Pat rolling it out

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Noon Update

After a short break, the artists are back on track and in full swing!

Here are the latest snaps from the last few hours work:


Another artist about to enter the fray.


Kevin taping all the action as it unfolds.


All the artists in full swing.


Pat mixing it up


All the artists involved


Pat doing a good job of supervising 😉


Hannah making footprints

Joe and the crew preparing for the next move. Love the shirt Joe!


Pat the art director discussing the details with Kevin


David cutting the chicken tracks

 Dont forget to check out the live webcast here!

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10:00 update

Well we almost have the whole crew now, just waiting on one more artist. If you have been following along with our webcast, you’ll see the activity has picked up. Here are some snaps from the first hour of work this morning.


Tools of the trade


Hannah removing all boundaries


Hannah engrossed in her work.


David steady at work


Pat filming the crew


Pat, the art director, giving directions


The metamorphosis begins…


Hannah calculating the precise moment in which she will rule the world. 😉

If you would like to see the live action, click here for our live webcast going on now! If there seems to be a break in the action, it’s probably just the artists changing brushes, or mixing paint. Check back in a few minutes and they’ll most likely be at it again soon.

Stay tuned for more update snaps!

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It has begun…

Thanks for hangin’ with us this weekend. We’ll try to keep things fresh and updated for ya! It’s official, the writings on the wall…. literally ;-0

Here’s the first set of snaps from tonights work:

_mg_4171.jpg The art begins!

_mg_4160.jpg Joe giving his full mental support

_mg_4165.jpg Our studio setup for the project complete with webcasting crew!

_mg_4170.jpg “This is called a tape” … as Kevin almost forgets to change the video tape after one hours work. DOH!

_mg_4168.jpg Counting the Cost. The theme for this piece.

Check back later for some progress shots.

Check here for the live webcast. 

Take care!

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