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Conversations with Rick

Conversations with Rick

You may remember from an earlier post several months ago, we mentioned a guy named Rick Mumford. Rick spent several years in Paris with the Younglife ministry.

We caught up with Rick this last Friday and asked him all about ministry in France. Here are some of the highlights from our two hour chat….

What would you say was one thing that really stood out to you about ministry in Paris?

Rick: The darkness. Paris is such a spiritually dark place. Most people think that ministry in a place like Paris is like going on vacation.. you have the Eiffel Tower, Disneyland, all the museums. But what people dont see is the darkness that is everywhere. There is a spiritual darkness that is so intense that many missionaries leave within 4 months. It’s that dark.

What do you think about using the arts in ministry?

Rick: I think using the arts is perfect for this country. Art is their life, it is so deeply rooted in everything they do, its just a part of of who they are. Here in the states when we come across an artist, its like … hey cool, there’s an artist, let’s go chat with him. In Paris, everyone is an artist in some way or another. You cant go anywhere without encountering art, or artists. They’re in the street, they’re in the bakery, they are the baker, the butcher, the teacher, the student.. etc..

I asked Rick how he thought a person like me (Chad) who is more reserved and not as conversational.. that is, until I get to know a person… would fit into a culture that is so conversationally driven.

Rick: You’re perfect for this culture. The French are just like you. They don’t just open up to anybody. It takes them many encounters to get them to a point of knowing more about you. The don’t engage in deep conversations until they know you and begin to feel like they can trust you. But once they do… you have a friend for life.

We probably spent a couple hours talking with Rick, but these were some of the most impactful statements I heard.

Please pray for Traci and I …. and our team as we prepare for this very spiritually dark place. Paris is no cakewalk as some might assume. Its definitely not a vacation, and the spiritual warfare is very intense. So intense, that we feel it even now as we are preparing to go.

Please continue to pray daily for us, and if you know of others who would like to pray for us or would like to learn more about this ministry, please feel free to forward our information on to them. Of course we would love to know about them as well and share with them in more detail about this ministry.

Thanks and God bless,
Chad and Traci


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The Art of Prayer

I (Traci) have been reading O. Hallesby’s book Prayer lately.  

OK, so he isn’t French, but he is  Norwegian, so at least we’re on the right continent.  

Those of you who know me, have already figured out that, while I’m thrilled about the potential of using the arts to communicate the riches of Christ, I’m not really…myself…well…I’m not an artist.

Not in the traditional sense, at least. Can’t paint, never had singing lessons, and get a bit impatient with how long it takes to get my few creative juices flowing.

But O. Hallesby has confirmed that I have a place on this team! (Though I never doubted it.)  I love the following quote:”Prayer is a fine, delicate instrument. To use it right is a great art, a holy art. There is perhaps no greater art than the art of prayer.

The other fine arts require a great deal of native ability, much knowledge and a great deal of money to cover the cost of a long and expensive period of training. Fortunately, such is not the case with the art of prayer. It requires neither great native ability, nor much knowledge, nor money. The least gifted, the uneducated and the poor can cultivate the holy art of prayer.”

God has given me 3 years of training in prayer through my service at Stonecroft Ministries. I can already imagine how He will use this art form to help me build relationships and share the Gospel in France… 🙂 Sweet

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Just wanted to post a few pictures from the Glocal Festival on March 2. The event went well and I would estimate that there were over 200 people in attendance. A great turnout and we had a lot of interest at our table about using the Arts in ministry.

Here are a few photos from that night. Thanks for praying!




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