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More Progress!

Well, Traci and I reviewed our giving records last night and after totaling everything up, it looks like we’re standing at about 28%… which is very cool, since the last time we looked at it we were around 24%!

We’re not exactly sure what happened their, maybe a miscalculation on our part, but we have been meeting with more folks lately and even had folks call us asking about the ministry… tres cool!

We appreciate your continued prayers and support and we look forward to sharing with you how God is providing for us daily 😉

In Christ,
Chad and Traci


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It’s the morning after and everything feels right in Hawker Nation. What else could you ask for? Beating your former coach Roy Williams in the semi-final to move on to the title game and win it in dramatic fashion is about as good as it gets in basketball land.

It’s amazing though how even when a great team like Kansas pulls the comeback at the buzzer, none of the pundits give them the credit they deserve for the feat they accomplished. Listening to ESPN this morning, all I heard them talk about was how Memphis lost the game… it was their championship and let it get away… etc.. blah blah blah.

What they forget about, or maybe just dont want to admit was how it actually got to that point in the first place. It was like they just tuned into the last 12 minutes of the game. Seriously, look at the whole game and you will see the difference in the game was inside… not freethrows. Granted, Memphis choked on some crucial free throws on the line late in the game missing 4 of 5. But Folks thats only 4 points. 

What people need to look at was the difference that the Kansas Defense had in this game. Look at the first half and you will see that Kansas OWNED Memphis on the boards and in the paint. This is supposed to be one of the “Great” strengths of the memphis team, but Kansas did what they did to the tarheels and hit em’ right in the mouth. The Hawks beat them at their own game, inside and on the boards.

I looked at the stats and saw that Memphis was one of the top rebounding teams in the nation and the best leading up to this game. Everyone was saying “Memphis is just too big inside and KU just cant keep with them. They’re going to be outrebounded… it wont even be close”.  That’s not the game I saw last night, when Memphis got out rebounded by 10. Hmmmm. who’s bigger inside? 

The key to this game was inside, not at the line. KU just outplayed Memphis in the paint and on the boards. They never gave up, they never gave in. They played to the buzzer… literally and regained what they had lost to Memphis. Think about that one too. KU dominated Memphis in the first half, but for some crazy reason, Bill Self had them switch to a box and 1 defense. Why, I dont know, because the man to man D they were playing was working like a champ and really shutting down everything that Memphis had. It was the second half that things began to turn for the Tigers when Self switched to the box and 1, but as soon as he went back to the Man Defense, KU made their run and closed the game out.

Im satisfied with the KU win and think this was an instant classic…. one to watch for years to come. But seriously people, let’s get off the “Memphis lost this game” wagon and realize that KU played them better than anyone in the country and in the end, the better TEAM prevailed. KU gave Memphis just as many points and opportunities to win as Memphis did to lose.

Did the missed free throws hurt Memphis down the stretch? Certainly. Absolutely. Positively no question. But, that is true with ANY team in a tight game, especially a National Championship game. That’s why they play the game. The difference in the game was decided earlier when KU owned Memphis on the boards, points in the paint, and points off the bench. The best TEAM won. 

Rock Chalk Jayhawk Go KU!


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After a very long drought in our support progress, the Lord has provided for us 3 new supporters which now brings us over the 25% mark. Some of you may remember that we were close to this amount earlier but after the new year, CrossWorld made the decision, and rightly so, to raise our support level to account for the dollar being so weak against the Euro. 


Although it seems like our financial support level has made slow progress, we have made some significant strides in other areas specifically in making new connections with other artists.


If you have read the three fold focus for this ministry, you will remember that the third focus was “Invite”. With that focus, we intended to invite North American Christian artists to join with us to use their God given gifts and talents. I really believe that we are in that phase right now. We have come across so many artists who have expressed a sincere desire to be at least a part of this ministry and to serve in some capacity wether it be a 2 week trip or even as long as 2 years. 


Recently I met up with an old friend of mine named Isaac Alongi. Isaac is a phenomenal photographer who truly has a gift for capturing the expressions of people. Check out his website at www.isaacalongi.com  As we met, I shared with Isaac the intent and three fold focus of this ministry and although he couldnt commit to long term service, he was interested in learning more and possibly serving alongside us on a shorter trip. 


Please pray with us that the Lord would continue to provide valuable contacts like Isaac. We also appreciate your continued prayer as we seek new financial supporters to help us get to the field. We couldnt do this with out faithful supporters like you, and we appreciate all your prayers and support more than we could ever express in words.


Thank you!

Chad and Traci

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