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We apologize for the long delay between posts, the last two weeks have been a real whirlwind! I (Chad) have had the opportunity to work with several local photographers in the last month. One opportunity has really been great as I have been working closely with a photographer named Jenny Wheat with Wheat Photography.

I met Jenny at a photo seminar about two months ago and things have really taken off since then. Jenny had two studios, one in DeSoto, and another smaller loft space in downtown Kansas City.

In the last week, She had found a larger studio space, over 5000 sq. ft. just one block from her other downtown studio. So…. she decided to consolidate her two studios, the one in DeSoto, and the one downtown, into the larger space. I have been helping Jenny by assisting her on shoots and doing all the editing and post production. We are now starting to work more closely together on several projects and we have quickly developed a good working relationship. Hopefully, this will lead to more contacts and greater ministry opportunities as I begin to work more in that area of town.

This is an area where a concentrated number of artists have their own studios so there is great potential to reach out to these artists and to try a number of ideas our team has had about using the arts to build relationships with other artists and to use our newly coined phrase… “Art as Discipleship.”

Pray for me that I would be able to make the most of the opportunities presented through this contact and that we could reach several artists who have studios in this area.


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