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Traci and I on the Plaza during our photowalk

Traci and I on the Plaza during our photowalk

Saturday Traci and I took a little fieldtrip down to the Plaza to join with 30 other photographers for the worldwide Kelby Photowalk. It was a first for us and we really enjoyed it. We got some cool pics and met some new folks along the way. You can view a few of our pics on the right hand column in the Photos From KC Flickr feed.


We thought it would be a good way to meet some other artists in our community, something we’re trying to focus on now that we are living downtown in the art community ;-). We were right! Traci really enjoyed getting out and experimenting with the camera but the highlight of the walk was getting to know some new faces, and hopefully, meet up with them  again soon.

(the following are a few cool shots from Traci… except of course the pics of her, which I took;-) )

You might remember that we mentioned that we had found a new church that was within 5 min. of our loft. We have been going to Redeemer Fellowship now for about 7 weeks and are really diggin’ it. Its been a great change of pace and its been awesome to meet other artists in this church.

Another idea we’ve tossed around was starting an artists small group. We were thinking of getting together a few artists from our church to talk about how God has uniquelly gifted each one of us. We each have a unique skill and it would be cool to talk about how we could use those both in the church and in the community. Its something in the developmental stages right now, so please pray with us that it would become more clear as to the timing and the logistics to make it happen.

Thanks for your prayers, we appreciate you all.

Chad & Traci


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Project 23

How do you take a spiritual concept and reveal it through photography? 

Over the last 2 months, Chad & I have been studying Psalm 23 with our photographer friend, Linda, pondering the truths behind the shepherd scene.

The Truths
God is our provider and our protector. When we really get this, we gain true peace.

The Process
The more we tried to come up with a modern day concept to express God’s provision, the more we were drawn back to the Psalm, to make sure we were staying true to its message. That was the goal! We believe that the process of creating art that expresses biblical truth causes the artist to meditate on the Scripture. In the end, the truth about God’s gets deeply embedded in the soul.

What We Learned
Initially, we segmented study of the passage and brainstorming artistic expressions. Study first, art second. But the more we met, we realized it was the development of the art that best led us to dig deep into the Scripture. It forced us to ask “what does that really mean?”, then look to the text for clues.

We also learned not to limit ourselves. This is our first “test run” of using photography as the medium for Art as Discipleship. We thought of one concept & tried to get only those shots. Later we realized there is benefit in trying several different ideas, giving everyone time behind the camera, so we’d have more options to choose from for our final piece.

Finally, we realized how difficult it can be to get past the common, cliche images, and shoot pictures that challenge the viewer’s perception of God. Our goal is not only to deepen artists spiritually, but also in their craft, pressing ourselves beyond common images.

The Result

If you’re in the Des Moines area this weekend, you can come check out not only our results, but also a live mural that our teammates will be painting. We’ll be displaying it at an Art in the Park event in Waukee, IA. See the postcard for details: art-fest-postcard

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Home, Sweet Home

We’re here! Moved in to our new home on the corner of Walnut and 16th, right in the heart of downtown Kansas City. And we love it! 13′ ceilings and plenty of space to host parties are just a couple of the perks – not to mention our very first ever dishwasher, garbage disposal, and in-house washer & dryer since we got married 5 years ago. We feel like we’re living the high life :). (click on a picture to enlarge)

Our apartment is in the Crossroads Art District, and just 2 blocks south of the newest hotspot/hangout in KC – the Power & Light District. We feel very much in the thick of Kansas City culture, and can’t wait to see how God will open doors of opportunity and relationships.

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