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A Good Reminder

It can be easy to fall into a self pity cycle or a “what did I do” mentality when things dont seem to be going anywhere and your waiting seemingly forever. Here is an encouraging reminder for us as we are in the middle of a waiting period and as we are praying about the next step with this art ministry.

“God has a good, loving, and productive purpose for scheduling waiting periods into the prayer process. When He has called on you to wait, it is because the wait is necessary to the outcome. He is doing something during the waiting period that He could not do without it.” (Live A Praying Life) –Jennifer K. Dean

“I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in his word I put my hope” (Ps. 130:5).

On another encouraging note, here is a video of Pat Mayer showing Gods miraculous healing from her tremmors. Some things to remember about what you see: Absolutely ALL of Pat’s movements, facial expressions, and contortions in the “before” section are beyond her control. Her body is doing what it wants. Also, though it may look like it, Pat wasn’t in pain, just understandably uncomfortable. She improved some during the spring but had plateaued a couple of months ago, still a far cry from using sharp blades and twirling in the backyard!

Charity Event Tonight!

On a final note; Traci and I will be helping out at a charity event tonight for Worth A Thousand Words. This is a charity that the photographer friend that I have been working with lately had founded in conjunction with the Rose Brooks Center. Its a program for abused women and their children to help them get back on their feet and into a healthy environment after coming out of an abusive situation. The event tonight is a “ladies night out” including a fashion show involving some of the families that have gone through this program. This event has really grown in the last couple of weeks, so please pray that everything would come together and that we wouldnt experience any “technical difficulties” as this our first BIG event. I’ll try to post some after shots next week from the event.



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A Healing Experience

Last week we heard some VERY encouraging news from our teammates in Des Moines, Kevin and Pat Mayer. As some of you may remember, Pat has been suffering from tremmors over the last 10+ months. After many Dr. visits and specialist visits, the Dr’s were unable to determine the cause of the tremmors, and were therefore unable to offer any “cure”.

We got news last week that Kevin and Pat had a prayer meeting with some of the elders from their church and as a result, the next day, Pat woke up and knew that she had been healed! She is now doing MUCH better, and no longer suffers from these tremmors! She is a bit weak and her stamina is still low due to the amount of time she spent in bed with this experience, but she is growing stronger each day now and is excited for the things that she is able to do now…. like going to the mailbox and grocery store without being completely wiped out! Yeahhhh God!

To hear the whole story and learn more about our teammates, visit their blog at www.nightmayers.blogspot.com  

We certainly thought it was newsworthy for all our supporters, fans, and followers of this blog and this unique ministry. What does this mean for our ministry now that Pat is healed? Great question! Im sure we’ll know more as the days progress, and we’ll keep you all in the loop as things develop. 

In the meantime, please pray for Traci and I as we begin to talk with the leaders at our church in KC about developing a store front into a multipurpose art gallery of sorts for using art ministry right here in our own community! This is something that, as a team, we had ideas for in France. It looks like the Lord may be opening a door here in KC for us to try out this idea BEFORE we go over-seas. How cool is that?!

Have a great week everyone, and again, we thank you all IMMENSELY for your support and prayers!
Chad & Traci

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Recently, we had a housewarming party to show everyone our new pad. It was a really good turnout, and it was a real joy to see everyone there, and watching all of you get to know everyone else 😉 The unfortunate thing was, I left my camera at the studio, and Traci left her camera at work. So even though I’m a photographer, I wasn’t even able to take pictures of our party! I guess you could insert the old phrase, the cobblers kids have no shoes! Doh!

So we apologize for not having any pictures to share with all of you who couldn’t be here. We’ll try to take some more “final” pictures of our place now that we have everything looking pretty 😉

We’re also in the process of putting together our quarterly newsletter that will go out in the mail shortly. In it, we’ll share in more detail about some of the latest developments in our ministry, and some exciting news about a developing artists group that we are starting to put together. Look for it in the mail in the next few weeks.

One thing that Traci and I have really enjoyed about living downtown, is that we are only 5 minutes from our new church, and 7 minutes from the Nelson Atkins Museum. With Autumn in the air, we have taken the opportunity to take the short trip down to the museum and sit out on the lawn to read, throw the Frisbee around, and catch up on our day together. It’s our new favorite hangout, and its a great new perk to living downtown. Here’s a few pics from the lawn of the Nelson.

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