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Core Group Started!

Bonjour! and happy Tuesday 😉

On our last post, we mentioned that we were having a meeting on Sunday evening to develop a core group of artists from our new church in the Westport area. Even though there were a few folks unable to attend, they did call to say that they really wanted to be a part of it and are looking forward to the next meeting we have.

Even with those folks absent, we decided to push forward with those who could make it. We had a great discussion about some possible ideas, one of which, may involve developing artist studios for our community. Through these studio spaces, we can develop relationships with the artists, the artists will have an opportunity to share their work with the community through art shows and festivals, and the opportunity for these artists to present workshops and classes to the kids and students in our community where there is no art programs at all… not even in their schools!

We hope that through this idea, it will serve a need in our community and help us to quickly develop relationships. We are also hoping that some of the other ideas we discussed about using art as a way of studying scripture, we can begin to develop and disciple other christian artists who are a part of this project. We hope by doing this, we can serve two purposes: To reach the community through the arts and to help christian artists develop their gifts by showing them how they can use art as a way of learning scripture and sharing what they’ve learned with others, and also as a way of helping and serving their own community through various art projects, classes, and workshops.

We’re excited, and we cant wait for our next meeting! Please continue to pray that over the next two weeks, God will make this plan more and more clear. Pray also for the right space that will be needed for these artist studios. There are several options that we are considering at this point, so we need clarity as to which space would be the best choice for this.

As always, we’ll keep you posted!

Chad & Traci


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Artist Meeting Update!

Here we go!

Our first artist meeting will be this Sunday evening at 7pm. This will be a meeting to establish a “core” group from the several artists we have gotten to know over the last few months since attending Redeemer Fellowship.

Please pray for Traci and I that we would be able to effectively communicate the vision for both the local ministry at Redeemer with a focus on serving the community, and the larger long term vision of helping artists see the potential for using their creative gifts in world missions! Pray also for creative ideas as we will be having a brainstorming session from towards the end of our meeting. We really want these artists to think outside the box here and dream big! Pray that God would open up the floodgates of creativity and passion for how we can use art in the church, in the community, and for the glory of God.

We have talked with the pastors and they are all on board and very excited about this ministry. They really want to see it take off… we do too 😉

We will also be having a special guest speaker at our meeting. Mr. Kevin Mayer (our teammate from Iowa) will be driving down to be there in attendance and to help these artist to catch a vision for what could be. How exciting!

We’ll give an update after the meeting and hopefully have some more good news to share about the results and some of our new ideas. 

Below are a few pictures of one of the buildings the church owns and that we are considering using for an art gallery, and for various art workshops. Pray that we will make the best use of this space!


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Something’s Brewing!

Artists Meeting Coming Soon

Some very exciting news is that we talked with one of the pastors at our new church about the idea of using the arts as a way to get involved in the community. The church does own several storefronts and an amazing Rotunda type oval room that would be perfect for an art gallery or art show. After sharing with our pastor some of our ideas, he seemed very excited about the possibility and encouraged us to take the next steps in getting together with other artists in the church and to begin putting a plan in place to cover the logistics and details for what this art ministry would look like and its ultimate purpose.

We were also very excited to hear him say that there was really no risk in this venture and that at the very least if things just didn’t pan out or we felt that after 6 months or so it wasn’t effective, we could try something new or different. They own the property, so there is really no financial risk involved. Cool!

We’ll keep you all up to date when we learn more. Please be praying for our first meeting with other artists in the church and that we would be able to meet soon, hopefully in the next few weeks. Pray that as artists working together, we could develop a gospel centered plan for this ministry that would be effective for our community and for future ministry development in other cities and countries…. France? 🙂

Charity Followup

In our last post, we mentioned the charity fundraiser Worth A Thousand Words. Last Thursday night, we had over 250 people show up for this event, which by our accounts was  a total success! We were able to raise over $6000 and it was a great night to see everyone show up and to see the latest in Fall fashion in KC.

We did manage to take a few pictures, but since they are on our other camera at the studio, I will have to post those later today. The only downside to the event, was the amount of cleanup that was involved afterward 😦 I think I spent half of Friday and most of Monday getting the studio put back together. It was all for good though and we look forward to the next one!

Thanks for all your prayers and support!

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