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Artists, Film, and Food!

Some of you may remember our encounter with friend and artist Leigh Ann Dull a few weeks ago. Leigh Ann is the artist in New York who is leading a ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ and also involved with the International Arts Movement. One of the contacts that Leigh Ann had for us here in KC was Linnea Spransy. We had a chance to catch up with Linnea last week and talked with her about her journey and her story as an artist. It was good to hear her journey and as we listened to her speak, and the stories she told, we realized that there is a lot about the art culture and world that we really didnt realize until the last few months.

One thing that really stood out to us was, and Im trying to resist sounding to artsy here, how organic the art culture or “sub” culture is. Traci and I are so used to being in a world that is defined by appointments, time, meetings, places, events, etc… where almost everything is specific and well defined. It was refreshing, albeit a little daunting, to begin to understand that the art world doesnt exactly work like that.

“What does that look like?” you might ask. That’s a good question, and Im not sure we can answer it completely, as that would only go against the very organic nature of what we’re talking about, but suffice it to say that the artists meet when they meet.

Many times, this is just a simple invitation to artists to come and view some pieces that they have been working on, although there is no set time, just come as you are type of feel. One thing that is always a given though….FOOD. If we learned anything from our meeting with Linnea, if you put out an offer for food, artists WILL show up! I think that’s a simple yet valuable lesson. Most valuable lessons are simple I guess. 😉

One of Linnea’s ideas was to show movies. She used film as a way of connecting fellow artists into what she calls “collectives”. The current collective she has going is upwards of 50 artists, which she admits is really too large for really connecting, and is working towards breaking this into smaller groups which can draw other artists as well.

The interesting thing about Linnea’s idea of a film night, was that it was just that… an opportunity to watch and enjoy artistic films. There was no alterior “motive” behind the scenes, which many artists can sniff out and feel like their being baited for something else. No, Linnea understood that by just getting artists together to watch a film would in itself produce conversation and a sense of community if you continued to do it long enough…which she did. For months, this Film night took place, food was offered, artists showed up, discussion was had by all, and strong connections were made…some of them to greater things beyond just the film night, or art, but towards the creator of all things.  I would call that successful!

We are continuing our conversations with Linnea, and plan to see her again when we travel to New York in February for the International Arts Movement conference. Leigh Ann will be there, as well as artists from around the world. I know it will be a great experience, and another valuable lesson from the art world.

More to share, but will save that for our next post in a few days!



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