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As Traci and I have been preparing for the upcoming International Arts Movement, we were curious ourselves, to learn more about this unique conference and the ministry behind it.

After visiting the IAM website, I found a few videos that show the highlights from the 2006 conference. I thought this one was interesting and perhaps sheds a little more light to those of you who are wondering what this thing is all about. View the video below.

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Thanks for all your prayers for our last artist meeting. Although we were missing a few people, we made some good progress. We drew for the core values, Traci and I will be doing Truth. Interestingly, this was the same idea that Traci and I have been using as an example for various theme ideas since we started raising support. It’s cool that out of the 6 core values, Truth is the one we get to work on.

Because we only have 4 artists in our group and their are 6 values, we decided to draw one of the values to work on together as a group. That value is Beauty. It should be an ineresting project and could be a challenging task. We also decided to use the passages and notes from the actual sermons on these six core values that we just finished going through on Sunday mornings. If your interested in hearing these excellent and challenging sermons, you can find them online at the Redeemer Fellowship website. This is the audio page, so just use the filter to locate the “Core Values” under the series drop menu. That will take you to all six sermons in this series. Download them and listen, as these are all excellent. 

Our journey to The Journey has been tentatively been scheduled for the first weekend of March. Learn more about the Journey and their art ministry the Luminary based in St. Louis. Our team is really looking forward to this road trip to learn more about what has made their ministry so successful.

On a final note, our team discussed the idea of using a Film night as a way of drawing people together. Film is an interesting media and really lends itself well to discussion and questions about life and philosophy. First Friday’s Film Festival is the idea, and our hope is that by offering a night of creative film could be a great relationship builder with those in our community. We are planning to start this film night in conjunction with the monthly First Friday’s art night which has become extremely popular here in KC, and is one of the reasons we moved downtown. First Friday’s is located in the Crossroads Art District, which is where our loft is located. 

Normally, the galleries at First Friday’s close around 9pm. We’re hoping that by presenting the film night on First Friday, around 9:30pm, we can take advantage of many artists and art enthusiasts already in that area and offering them an additional venue to express their appreciation and views on art. We figure they’re already in the “art mood”, why not use that and begin building relationships, starting discussions, and sharing our lives with our community. 

Please continue to pray for our newly developing team and for all the details that will go into these coming projects. Pray for new connections, creative minds and thinking, a hospitable attitude, and an increasing number of artists and art enthusiasts whom we can be building relationships with.

God bless!
Chad & Traci

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Artist Group Resumes

Please pray for us this Thursday as our artists group reconvenes after the holidays for our first meeting this year. There are several items that we need to discuss. You may remember us talking about using the core values of our church Redeemer Fellowship to start creating visual artistic pieces that would represent these values. We will be discussing this idea again on Thursday as well as drawing names for which core values each artist will use.

We are also talking about visiting The Journey which is a church in St. Louis that has an established and growing art ministry. We had planned to visit the Journey to meet with the staff there and to see everything that they are doing as well as talk with them about the struggles and progress they have made while starting their art ministry. To learn more about The Journey and their art ministry The Luminary just take a few minutes to visit their website.

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Chad & Traci at the studio

Chad & Traci at the studio

Ok, so the 28th was our 6 year anniversary. Weird how time flys by. The first two years seemed like two years and the last 4 seemed like two years! I guess  that just means we’re havin’ fun 😉

Things have been a little slower around here as the holiday season rolled around. Just as a quick update, our artist core group didnt meet the month of December, partially due to a couple of really bad ice storms back to back, and partially due to Christmas and New Years. We’re planning to get back on track in the next two weeks, so we’ll be sure to give you an update with the latest from our next meeting.

We’re still looking forward to our trip to New York in February. In case you missed our last post, Traci and I are traveling out to the Big Apple for an international arts conference the last week of Feb. We hope to make some great connections and learn more about the art community at large. Im sure it will be a great experience.

I, Chad, have been working to update our business website, Jackson Photography. We would appreciate your prayers over the next few months though, as this is the SLOW season of photography. Traditionally, a photo studio is supposed to make enough over the last quarter of the year to help make it through the following first quarter, however, the last few months have been rather meek due to the downturn in the economy. We know God can provide though, and He has been faithful to see us through every month since we started this new journey.

In case your interested, you can view our new website at www.cjpimages.com We also woud encourage you to sign up for our periodic Jackson Photography E-Newsletter to stay up to date with all that’s happening on that front.

We appreciate all your prayers and support, and we’re encouraged that God is doing some great and mighty things already through this ministry as we meet many new contacts, develop relationships, and possibly even cultivate friendships that would lead to new team members in 2009! God is at work, and we are thankful to be  a part of it.

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