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Chicklet Dance Floor?

Ok, so we got this next video from our teammate Pat. I dont know where she finds these little gems, but Im glad she sends them our way. We all need some good laughter once in a while 😉


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One reason why football is so amazing..

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Just for Fun

Ok, so this post is PURELY for fun. I love soccer, or as the rest of the world calls the beautiful game…football.



And My all time favorite!

Ahhhhh, football. What a beautiful game.

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New Connections

Last week we briefly spoke at Sherwood Bible Church. Although it was just a brief 5 minutes, it was good to connect with the folks there, and to be available for any questions. We plan to return to Sherwood in mid March for their upcoming Missions Conference.

We were also able to connect with an old friend of ours who was the student Dean at Calvary when we were there… Jerry Purviance. Jerry told us about a group called Cipher that has been meeting in our neighborhood and has a similar goal to reach artists and the art community in the Crossroads district.

We took the opportunity to visit the Cipher group last Thursday evening and really enjoyed the conversation that resulted from the video we watched. It was great to connect with other christians in our neighborhood who have a passion for reaching the art community and to hear some of their ideas.

One other connection that resulted from this was a church plant from Christ Community called Begger’s Table. We have known about Begger’s Table for a while, but havent really had a chance to get to know who these folks were. We always visit their art gallery on First Fridays, as it is directly across the street from two of the main galleries in that area. John Bowles is the pastor there, and we intend to connect with him soon and to talk with him about their strategy for reaching the artists and the art community in the Crossroads.

Continue also to pray for our support development, we need to raise around $3600 by the end of February in order to maintain our full time support focus. We appreciate any help you can offer at this time, and you can give directly to our account by visiting the Crossworld website and designating your gift for the ministry of Chad & Traci Jackson.

Thanks so much all of you, and thank you for all your prayers!
Chad & Traci

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First Friday’s is always a good time to get out, walk the streets, and get some fresh air. This month, it was even better as our artist group made the rounds together. It’s hard to believe that we spent over 3 hours walking around the Crossroads area, even on a blustery evening in February!

While visiting the art galleries was enjoyable, I was really looking forward to the main event….First Friday’s Film Festival! Ok, so maybe it wasn’t actually a festival with carnival rides and snow cone machines, but we did have tortilla chips, salsa, a wonderful apricot jalapeno chip dip, and a box of Chips O’hoy extra chunky cookies! That’s good for a festival.

Our group decided on a film entitled The Fall. Its a captivating movie, one that I would heartily recommend if you enjoy epic tales, great costumes, and vivid colors.

Below are a few images from our jaunt around the First Friday’s venue.

In an effort to help you learn more about us, please take a few seconds to tell us what you would like to see more of on our blog. Thanks!

 Take care, talk with ya’ll soon!

Chad & Traci

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Bigger than we Imagined

When I have time, I try to read through the many blogs I have bookmarked over the years, especially the blogs that pertain to Art and even more specifically, those who incorporate Art in ministry. This morning, as I was reading through one of my favorite art ministry blogs, The Prayer Book Project , I found an interesting entry that I though was strikingly similar to what we are trying to establish at our local church here in KC… Redeemer Fellowship, and of course our longterm art ministry in Western Europe. Read this entry to learn more.picture-2




After reading this entry, and recalling several other conversations where this idea has come up with other artists and churches, it seems that there is something much larger than we ever imagined at work here. God seems to be really using this idea of art ministry in many new and creative ways with great success. 

This Friday is the monthly First Friday’s art event in our neighborhood, the KC Crossroads Arts District. This month we decided to try our first “First Fridays Film Festival”. We will begin the evening by traveling as a group of artists to the many local galleries and art shows and discuss how the art is impactful to us as artists, but also if and how it is impactful to our community. Following the gallery showings, usually closing around 9pm, we will head back to our loft and watch a film entitled “The Fall”.  Here is a short summary of the film given by one the artists from our core group. 

“It’s an awesome movie about a little girl and a 30-something man, both recovering from injuries due to falls.  There are two underlying stories about both tragic and sweet characters, but the man entices the little girls’ vivid imagination by telling her an epic story (including both of them!).  All set in the black and white silent film era, but there are the most VIVID colors and elaborate costumes (a part of the epic story). ” 

Should be an interesting film and hopefully will lead to some great discussion. After the film, we had thought about discussing a few questions I found in an article from John Frame on film critique. Here is the PDF of those questions in case your interested in this idea for establishing one of your own “Film Nights”. film-questions-by-frame .

Appreciate all your prayers and support as we launch this new idea this Friday night!
Take care!
Chad & Traci

We needed a new picture for the winter!

We needed a new picture for the winter!

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