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In Full Bloom

So the other day, Traci and I took a break and headed down to the Nelson to get some fresh air. The tulips are out and in full bloom, Spring is so beautiful in KC. Here are a few pics from our break.


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This week Chad & I drove to Oklahoma City to meet with a few friends & family. Our dear aunt Trudy lived there before the Lord abruptly took her home the week prior to our 2-week trip to France in 2006. She is a beautiful, spunky lady with whom I connected really quickly when I entered the Jackson clan. She prefers digging in the flower bed to shopping, so I knew I liked her right away:).

As we drove up to meet Trudy’s best friends, Jack & Vicky, that sense of “something just isn’t right with this world” welled up in me. Loss & longing are so much a part of life this side of heaven. And I’m so glad God didn’t leave it that way. He entered our pain in Jesus Christ and dealt with the sin that causes it all. There will be no tears or sighing in heaven. I can’t wait.

Our time with Jack & Vicky and their beautiful daughter was very enjoyable. They shared many of the ways God used Trudy’s death to draw people near to Him. Very encouraging. And how God is using their church members to share Jesus with people in Asia. We shared about the vision God has given us to utilize art as a means of communicating who Jesus is and what He did.

The next day we enjoyed lunch with Chad’s cousins (Trudy’s son). It was great to connect with them again, learn about their lives & share a bit about ours.

All in all, a great visit to OKC~

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So we recently read an amazing article about art and how it is being used in France. I have to say that while reading this article, I got goosebumps from realizing that God is absolutely at work in France and I truly believe that He intends to use the arts as a pivotal tool in communicating His truths.

The article is only a few pages long, but it was amazing to hear the author mention ideas and strategies that our team has been chewing on for a long time! It really confirmed in our hearts that using the arts as Mission is absolutely the path that God has us on, and it was encouraging to hear someone living in Paris, who has experience with using art as a way of communicating God’s truths. 

Here is just a sampling from the article that I thought was particularly appropriate…

Art is recognized as an important integral part of French history. It is a highly valued element of the social and cultural context. The call to mission by engaging in art with missional intent may be quite new to most Christians. Yet given France’s long-established love affair with the arts, cultural shifts taking place, and the renewed spiritual interest being expressed, the time for this kind of missionary activity is now. 

So enough rambling…. here is a link to the article by Steve Thrall entitled Engaging in Art with Missional Intent in Paris . 

After reading this article, which only takes about 10 min. or less if your a fast reader, we encourage you to leave a comment here about your thoughts. We would love to hear how everyone out there is processing this.

Chad & Traci

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The French Connection

Last week we met with a very fun couple who moved to KC from France to be with their family. We had met them before about a year ago, but only had a brief time with them. Our meeting last week was encouraging and we believe will lead to continuing visits in the near future as a chance for us to get to know them better and to learn more about the French culture.

It was encouraging to hear the excitement in their response to our art ministry ideas and they followed up by asking if they could join with us on some of the things we are doing here in KC as we prepare for France. Of course we said yes! and we we plan to glean from them as much as possible as we meet with them over the  next few months.

the Life Aquatic

the Life Aquatic

This coming Friday we will be hosting another Friday Night Film Fest at our place… we will be showing the Life Aquatic, a Wes Anderson film. We have seen this before, and while very amused at the story line which is very clever, there are some really interesting sub plots that we hope will stir discussion among our group. If you’re in the area and would like to join us, just contact us and we’ll give you all the details.

We are continuing to meet with several people a week about our ministry and it’s encouraging to hear that they are all very interested and intrigued by the approach we are taking. Please continue to pray for us in this area, we have a long way to go yet and our timeline is short.

Thanks and God bless!
Chad & Traci

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Sharing at Sherwood

Last week we had the privelege of sharing our ministry with the folks at Sherwood Bible Church in North KC. It was great to meet a lot of new people, make new friends, and to share with them our passion of using the arts in ministry. Our friends at Sherwood were kind enough to record our presentation. You can listen to that presentation by visiting out About page and downloading the Sherwood Missions Conference audio link.

Throughout the week, we were able to meet with several couples and families who had signed up to host us for lunch. In the evenings we shared at the church, and also at the various bible studies hosted by the couples in the church. Below are just a few pictures from the week. 

A few weeks prior to that, we made a trip over to St. Louis to visit The Luminary. The Luminary formed out of The Journey, a church that helped plant our home church Redeemer Fellowship here in KC. It was interesting to learn how the Luminary started and how it has progressed over the course of a few years. Talking with James McAnnally, we were reminded that with artists, things dont always go exactly to plan, and that being flexible and available is probably one of the biggest keys to working with artists. 

We have also included a few photos from our trip to the Luminary at the end of the above gallery.

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