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So last weekend was a great opportunity to build relationships in our community. Every 2nd Saturday, the Crossroads Community Association hosts a walk around to five local business as a chance to get to know the owners, artists, galleries, and businesses better.

Last weekend we visited Blue Gallery, the Cashew restaurant, Gallery #8 (an old firehouse refurbished into a gallery and home), and JP’s Wine Bar and Coffee house which is right across the street from us.  We talked with one of the artists at Blue Gallery who was discussing the thought behind his art. Not surprisingly, his spiritual life influences his art. Since his spiritual path includes eastern meditation and Chakra energy points, his artwork resembles these chakras. It was intersting to talk about this with him and to better understand were artists are coming from. We really believe that it is these kind of conversations that art introduces and allows us to discuss on a deep spiritual level with artists about God. Cool.

Here are some images from our walk around…

This week we look forward to another 3rd Friday Film Night at our place. The group is growing, but we are making some adjustments to make the follow up conversations easier. Pray that we will have the wisdom to do this right.

Until next time,
Chad & Traci


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The last couple weeks have been full of all kinds of meetings/get togethers – support meetings, community get togethers, business meetings… A few that might interest you:


A week ago we enjoyed a wonderful spaghetti pie dinner at Jim & Charla’s house. They are a fun-loving couple we met at the missions conference in late March. Jim is into photography and they both have a huge heart for reaching out to everyday folks in their lives. They were a big encouragement to us that night. Thank you!!

Earlier that day we volunteered to help with the Urban Tour – basically a shameless effort on the part of downtown realtors to entice ‘burb folks to buy a condo and move down where the action is:). I helped people get on the right bus. They didn’t need my help. BUT it was really fun to talk with a lot of them, give them the scoop on downtown living, and help our community grow.

We also had a blast at First Fridays art walk this month. Many of you joined us! First-timers included my friend Grace I met at running club last year. She brought her hubby and a friend, Debi, who is building the container house you might have read about in the paper a week or two ago. Very interesting. Later our French friends, Alain & Patricia showed up with a German couple & their American neighbor – all very enjoyable folks. 

This past week was full of support meetings. We shared with a local pastor, Bob Lehleitner, who has a lot of ministry experience with French people. It was great to dream with him a little, and get some honest feedback about some of the ideas that have been swimming around in our minds.

The same day we met with Jayne Sikyta, a friend who used to be our financial counselor, but since Fidos & Felines has taken off, she now focuses on walking dogs! We talked about how we can provide pet portraits for her clients.

After that we dropped off materials to my drama coach at our previous church who is hosting a dessert for all the artsy folks at his church to come hear what we’re doing. Then we stopped by to visit our good friends, the Harsha’s, for a few minutes before zipping across town to a support appointment in Leawood with a gracious couple.

After a brief rest at home, we then met the Pettways for a delicious meal at Cafe Al Dente. They are so fun loving and encouraging with a lot of good ideas about how the ministry might work, and who else might be interested in hearing about it. Thanks friends!

Not every day is this full…but some are! All in all, a great couple of weeks:)

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