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Creepy Side Shows

Traveling East towards Indianna, we were feeling weary and were looking for a quaint little place to stay for the night. We came across this little jem.


But after checking it out a little closer, it just felt too much like we were about to be featured in a really bad B movie!



we decided to pass for now and see if we could find something a little less authentic.


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Fun with Pictures

This post is just about having fun. Sometimes when your on the road, you just get a bit wacky and delirious from all the travel, so we had to stop along the way to visit some roadside attractions to break up the monotony.

Here is Traci after she spotted an oasis of ice cream alongside HWY 66.



I myself encountered giants along the way… All they asked for in return was a good hearty handshake!


We couldnt avoid the elephant in the room…or I guess we should say on the highway. Had to give it some love.



After a brief stop, we visited the Lincoln museum to visit honest Abe and his boys. John W. Booth was standing nearby, but he wasnt bothering anybody so we just let him be.




Abe seemed to be everywhere in this town, so we had to give him one last handshake before we left.


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The last few days we have been in Chicago land. Seems like we keep traveling in and out of the city everyday. Got in on Saturday to enjoy some of the afternoon downtown and visited the Contemporary museum of art, as well as hitting the beach for some downtime and sun before heading out to share with some friends about our ministry.


View from the top of the stairs at the Contemporary Museum of Art in Chicago. Love this shot! It's now wallpaper on my phone!





We shared that night with 3 couples and then headed over to The Hub, which is a really cool hangout for a youth ministry. The Hub was started by a young man who had lots of ideas, lots of enthusiasm and a lot of spare time. He is still in the process of building it up, but when we visited Saturday night, it looked very impressive for just being in process. Dan, the leader at the Hub, wanted to get our thoughts on how to integrate an art aspect into the Hub. We were able to share with Dan a little bit of our ministry and encourage him in what he is doing.


Quintin and Laura Dawn. She's a feisty one!

Sunday morning we spoke at a church were Traci knew the pastor from her time at Idaho State University. Quentin Mullinix pastors the First Baptist Church of Marseilles. Pronounced Mar-SAILS.  We asked them why they pronounced it that way instead of the traditional French Mar-SAY… The best reply we got was it was just the way they like to say it. The presentation was great and we had a lot of interested folks to talk to after the service and even handed out all our portfolios, which is something we had yet to do on this trip.





Quintins drawing work

Last night we hooked up with the Monte’s. Their daughter Kara is in Chicago and graduated from Moody last year. She has a real heart for missions and very interested in using art, specifically her talent in music, in ministry of some kind.


Jill Monte (Kara taking the picture)


We shared with them and as we were sharing Michael popped in. Michael is a friend of Kara’s roommate and as we were talking with Michael, he mentions that he knows CrossWorld and that we should meet his good friend.  We believe this might be the same guy that our director Paul Mattson had been wanting us to get in touch with about a house church internship that he is doing in Chicago, so it looks like we might actually get to meet him later today. Cool!


We are meeting with Michael and his friend tonight for dinner. We’ll share about that in a later post.

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Click here to view a slideshow of images from our time at Sojourn and Gallery 930. 

These images show the 930 Gallery space, our gracious hosts for the day Michael and Scott, and a tour of the art around Sojourn church.



Today we journeyed over to Louisville, KY to hook up with Michael at Sojourn. Michael is one of the leaders for the 930 gallery and has been instrumental in getting the arts well integrated into the vision and purpose of Sojourn Church. 


We took Michael and his compadre Scott for lunch and learned everything we could about how they got things rolling at Sojourn and 930 Gallery. Too much to say in a simple blog post, but here is a brief summary of our visit.

The main focus for Gallery 930 was to be a venue for visual and music arts. They have rotating gallery showings with artists from all walks of life. They hold both free and ticketed concerts in their facility. The art gallery really focuses on getting the community involved, and their current display represents the neighborhood in photographs with a before and after type perspective. This includes photographs, maps, video interiews, and other visual presentations about what the neighborhood was like then and now. This has drawn hundreds of folks who live in the community into the gallery to see the display and has led to wonderful relationship opportunities.

I think one thing we really gathered from Sojourn was their committment to community and integrating the arts into everything that they do as a community. As we walked the halls of the church, which used to be an old school, we saw artwork on every wall. As we asked Michael and Scott about the artwork, they mentioned that they were all from different artists from different projects. That was one thing that they really wanted to emphasize, that they didnt have just one team of artists, but got everyday folks involved in various projects so that everyone could be included.

We have much more to share about our time with Michael, but we need to hit the road to meet with a good friend in Cincinnati for dinner. Check back for a follow up post on our time at Sojourn.

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Fun With Jack


This is Jack Fox and a few of his recent pieces that are currently displayed at a country club in Terra Haute.





Cool sunset near the country club. Reminded me of a scene from impressionist artists Monet and Cezane would have painted.


Yesterday we drove to Terra Haute Indianna to meet Jack Fox, arts pastor of Maryland Community Church (not in Maryland). You may remember us talking about Jack after meeting him at the IAM arts conference in New York back in February.

Jack showed us around his church and shared with us all the things they were doing in using art in church and in ministry outreach. It was interesting how many similarities  there were between things we had thought about doing ourselves and what this group was actually doing! It was also VERY encouraging to see that these ideas WERE WORKING and that the church was encouraged by it.

Jack shared with us about how they created different art pieces according to the sermon for a given week. The interesting thing, and very cool idea, was that the pastor came to them and said something like “hey, I need something creative for Easter.” or “We’re doing a series on Jonah and the Whale, can you get me some props?” This is what the art team really enjoyed. Having some theme or guideline, yet NOT being told exactly what they were supposed to do. There was a lot of creative freedom for the artists to work in and they always pulled it off well.

It may also be helpful at this juncture to mention that Jack is a “Creative Crazy”. I mean that in the most sincere and good way. Jack has an awesome way of just coming up with ideas, or taking ideas he has seen before and pulling them off. Giant mobiles hanging from the church atrium, card board boat races in the nearby pond…. anything goes with this guy and the folks over at Maryland Community Church love him for it. Jack truly is one creative guy.

Art Reach



Perhaps the one idea we were  most interested in learning more about was his Art Reach idea. Art Reach is a community outreach using the arts and is now in downtown Terra Haute at the crossroads… the center of everything cool and hip in Terra Haute. Above are several pictures of his studio space to give you an idea of what goes on there. Art Reach was started specifically to build relationships with non christians and appreciators of the arts. 


Here are some pictures of Traci and I getting a quick lesson in creative painting. Jack is a great teacher, lots of fun, encouraging, and really helps people break out of their timid notions of “I’ve never done this before…and I can’t get started” kind of feeling that everyone gets when painting for the first time.








We had such a great time learning from Jack and came away with some really cool ideas. There is so much more to share about our visit with Jack Fox, but we have to hit the road to make a meeting with Sojourn church in Louisville, KY. We will continue our post here about Art Reach and Jack Fox later today hopefully and also fill you in on our time with Sojourn.

Chad & Traci

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Springfield IL 

Wednesday we drove to Springfield, and started off the day with a brief tour of the Lincoln Museum. They did a great job portraying their message through art. In one hallway, they sought to convey the great amount of criticism Lincoln received in the first years of his presidency. Antagonistic voices barked out of the speakers along the hall, and on the walls were a plethora of framed political cartoons mocking the president. The frames and walls were all skewed so that you easily got the picture that the president was pressured by multiple, sharply contradicting opinions, and it must have been difficult to discern and choose the right path.

 Then to the home of Paul & Karilyn Eastvold. Karilyn was a Prayer Consultant for Stonecroft while I (Traci) was leading the prayer ministry. She & Paul were involved in Campus Crusade in college, so we had an immediate bond.

 Karilyn hosted a beautiful dessert for us that afternoon, and 5 of her friends came to hear about our ministry. They were sweet women who love the Lord & were very encouraging about the path He has us on. Two joined our financial support team, the other 3 are considering it, and all 5 committed to pray for us either daily or weekly. Wonderful!!

Jacksons & Eastvolds

 That evening we shared briefly at Springield Bible Church where the Eastvolds fellowship. Pastor John Standard gave us a gracious introduction, and we shared about 10 minutes with the adult Bible study. Then we were whisked away to share with the elementary kids. They were painting big bushes for the upcoming VBS. While they painted we shared about how God had saved us and called us into missions. It was a perfect setting as they were creating art while they listened!

springfield kids painting

 Afterward we talked with Paul & Chelsey (see pic). A sweet, humble couple with much artistic flair. They’ve been praying about connecting art & ministry possibly by having an art day camp for kids – for all kids, not just artistic ones. He has a passion for all people to realize they have a God-given ability to create, and by that to recognize their value in God’s eyes. He wants to weave the creation/redemption story into the camp, to help kids know Christ. Hearing their hearts & dreams was a joy to us & we look forward to seeing them again soon.

Paul & Chelsey

Check back tomorrow for another exciting post as we share about our visit with Jack Fox from Terra Haute, Indianna and his really cool ministry Art Reach in the downtown area. You won’t wanna miss that one!

Chad and Traci

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Morning at the Zoo

UPDATE!! – FULL SCREEN SLIDESHOW OF ZOO IMAGES ADDED click this link to view the slideshow.


Yesterday, we decided to head out to the St. Louis Zoo before it got too hot. We didnt make it. By the time we got out there at 9:30 it was already 93 degrees. Ouch! But we carried on and enjoyed the time anyway.

Its been awhile since we have been to a Zoo, and we have to say that we were very impressed with the St. Louis Zoo. Lots of good animal displays, and TONS of greenery, shrubs, and flowers to make the walk between exhibits enjoyable…even on a 100 degree day. Yep! by the time we left it was over 100 degrees. We thought we were hot last night. We really were SWIMMING in our clothes today.

Here is a little teaser from the images yesterday. Check back in a while for a full screen slideshow of all the images!







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