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Going Deep

So up to now, our blog has mostly been about what we’re doing. We’ve wanted to keep you up to date on how our journey toward France is coming along, what creative people we’ve met along the way, and how God is at work in our lives. We’ll still do that, for sure.

But as we enter into our internship with Redeemer, we also want to allow this season to take us on a journey of revisiting important questions about life, art, culture & church. And we’d love to invite you to be part of this conversation. What challenges us more than a thoughtful question from a friend?

So here’s where we’ll begin. After sharing about our ministry, people often ask, “…so are you planting a church, or is this just an art ministry.” A fair enough question, but let me put that back on the asker. What makes a church a church?

If  you define church as a designated building with a steeple where we go ever Sunday morning at 9:00am to sing praise songs & preach, then no, we quite likely will not be planting a “church”. Not because we’re against those things (we do them ever week at Redeemer!) but because that format of church doesn’t thrive in France. Their understanding of Christ is heavily tainted with domineering images of what the Catholic church has been/done over the last few centuries. So to help them see Christ for who he is, we likely won’t approach ministry by opening a church building and hoping people will come in. They won’t. We must go to them where they are (hence the focus on arts), and help them see Christ for who he is, rather than who they’ve thought him to be.

If you define church as a group of believers gathering together regularly to worship God, to eat together, to share the Word of God with one another, to worship Him & to pray, then most definitely we intend on planting a church. Most definitely. But let me ask – do you think even that is sufficient to be called a church? If so, would the average Bible study in America qualify as a mini “church”? Where do the sacraments (baptism, communion) fit in? What about a sense of mission, reaching out to love & share about Christ? And what about elders & deacons, are they necessary before a group of believers can be called a church?

We are wrestling through these questions right now and would love your thoughts/insights. Feel free to reference Scripture that has guided your understanding. And stay tuned for…the rest of the story.


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Photography – Is it Art?

Ok , so some of you out there probably have this question roaming around in your heads… at least at some point, is photography art… or is it a “craft”. That’s actually a question I will tackle a bit later, but for now I wanted to show you a video from one of the emerging new talents in the photo world, Chase Jarvis.

Why did I start by asking if photography was art? Because after seeing this video of what it takes to pull off a commercial photo shoot, you will say.. “Man.. that is an art.”

Seriously though, if you really want to see what it takes to do a commercial photo shoot, and to have your question answered that every one asks of photographers… “Why do you charge so much?” (ugh. if you only knew). Well now you start to get an idea of why!

Check out this vid below. And if you’re really interested, you can follow Chase’s blog as he is posting his whole experience for this commercial New Zealand shoot for the world to see how its done. Which is something really unheard of in the photo world, especially the commercial photo world. It’s a first.. so that alone makes it worth a look ;-0

Here’s the vid:

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French Ski Ministry

While in Seattle we had the pleasure of sharing juicy hamburgers with Larry & Carrie Calvin. IMG_0366

They orchestrate Christian Snowsports Ministry which seeks to connect American teens with French teens during a week long ski camp in France. They underscored what we’ve heard from other sources, that French youth have so little opportunity to see what Christian community is like. Bringing a group of Christian teens from the States is really effective to give them a taste of what life as a Christian among Christians can be like. They also shared that investing in the lives of French children/youth is a beautiful way of helping the parents see our commitment to them is real.

Their next trip is April 2010, and they are looking for people to go. So if you’re interested, check out their website & sign up!

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Bull Whip Guy

While Chad & I were in Idaho, we had a surprise visit with my college pastor, Mike Powell, who was supposed to be out of town. This is one of the many gems he shared with us. It is dedicated to all of you who have seen Rob Bell’s Bullhorn Guy video and thought “….wait a tic, something just isn’t right about this.”

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