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One of the challenges of an artist and photographer is finding new inspiration. Finding things that truly inspire you and resonate with your soul deep within are few and far between. But when you do come across something truly inspiring, you know it. This morning I was checking in on one of the blogs I follow closely. Chase Jarvis, from Seattle, is really doing some great and inspirational things in the photography world right now. But even better, he is bringing to light other bits of inspiration whenever he catches wind of it. This morning, as I checked in with Chase, I noticed this post about street photography. I have always been interested in street photography and have always wanted to use it in a way that showed some deeper meaning in life, so this post and video struck me especially hard. Check it out, but be warned, there are a few graphic photos within the video. However, if you view the video as a whole, it is quite an interesting look inside our american culture today.


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