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2 is Better Than 1…Right?

Hi everyone! I’ll skip the obligatory apology for our 2 month delay in updating this blog and instead jump to the excuses. They are the interesting part!

Many of you know Chad and I have tried to start a family for 5 years with no luck. Now it seems God is making up for lost time! In December we learned we are pregnant with twins. Yikes! Answers to standard questions: no, it doesn’t run in my family genetically. No, we weren’t on hormone therapies. And yes, as of last week, we do know the sexes. We will have 2 girls! (or ‘women’ as the male sono tech described them).

So for most of the last 2 months I was pretty miserable, and Chad was busy pampering me. He has been a HUGE support and has curbed me from taking unnecessary risks like walking on ice (hard to avoid this winter!), enjoying even the scent of alcohol, or bending over to clean anything. Yeah, he’s pretty cautious, but I love him for it.

The next question we usually get is “How will this affect your plans to go to France?” If the twins were the only X-factor in our journey to France, they probably wouldn’t change our plans much at all. But God, in his sovereignty, has determined that at this point in time, we don’t have teammates to go with, and we are still far short of our financial support goal. Considering all those things, we decided with our Director at Crossworld that we will hang tight in Kansas City for the next 2 years, get used to being parents and invest in our church and community. At the end of that time we will reassess where we believe God is leading. If it seems to be France, we are AOK with that and ready to role. If not, we trust God will make his will clear.

So what will we do in the meantime, you ask? Chad will continue to pursue his career as a freelance professional photographer, and he is also exploring the possibility of working at Crossworld’s headquarters in some kind of creative role. You may remember that Crossworld is moving their HQ from Philly to Kansas City this spring. I will be feeding, burping, and changing babies and hopefully sleeping a little:). I am not shy about receiving help, so if you want to swing by and lend a hand, feel free!!! I also hope to keep investing in the lives of women at Redeemer and in KC in general. And Chad & I will continue to pursue connecting with artists in our church and community.

So I think that answers most of the preliminary questions. Oh, except this one: technically I am due August 13, but thankfully my OB won’t let me go past the end of July with twins. And really, I figure any time in July is fair game for the kiddos to make their grand entrance into the world.

How you can pray:
1. For healthy babies that grow to love God with all their hearts.
2. For discernment as we pursue various job opportunities and housing options.
3. For adequate health care coverage, as our COBRA ends in July (hows that for timing?)
4. For grace to trust God with these new lives – and our own.

Here’s my belly at the end of the 1st trimester. I’m even bigger now!

We’ll share more soon.


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