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It’s Monday morning, July 19, 2010. Isabelle Brea and Riley Elise have yet to make their grand entrance into the world. My OB gave us false hope on Friday! She seemed quite confident that the girls would show up this weekend, but the days came and went with no babies. In our excitement we flew my mom out from Idaho. It’s been great to have her here – for her help around the house, and to free Chad up to feel like he can work without worry. But I must say I am eager to meet these girls and begin a new stage in life! Not to mention that I’d love to have feeling back in my fingertips. Who knew that carpal tunnel can result from pregnancy??

3rd Trimester - 32ish weeks

So a brief update on how the pregnancy has gone. In a word, wonderfully. We only had 1 brief period of mild concern when I had some bleeding between the 1st and 2nd trimesters. Apparently that isn’t too abnormal for twin pregnancies. Other than that, the girls have looked healthy at each sonogram and BIG:). As of 2 weeks ago (34 weeks gestation) they were both over 5lbs. By now they are probably more than 6lbs. And considering I have 12lbs of baby in my (with a total weight gain of 50lbs), I feel amazingly well.

And I want to brag on how sovereignly kind God has been to us throughout these 9 months. In the most miserable part of my pregnancy (1st trimester), I didn’t have to work much at all. I was able to lie on our couch, read, sleep. And yet in the moments when I needed strength/energy to host friends or work, I felt exceptionally well.

As we transitioned into my 2nd trimester, we began the process of moving out of our loft. It was a whole ordeal, but God provided free storage space for our stuff while we stayed a couple months with Chad’s sister and looked for a home. It was perfect to have all this activity in the blessed 2nd trimester when I felt pretty darn good. In that season God provided the perfect house for us to buy – just a few blocks from the Art Institute, our church, and several parks. It’s a beautiful little home on an exceedingly friendly block in the heart of midtown KC. Should God call us overseas in the coming years, we should have no problem renting it out.

In the 2nd trimester, he also provided the perfect job for me with CrossWorld. They needed temporary admin assistant help – someone to tied them over for 3 months until they were ready to hire full time employees here in KC. Perfect!! April – June I worked for our Director, Paul. It seemed like a great fit for everyone, and they were so gracious and understanding of my “condition” :).

God also arranged Chad’s work perfectly. The month we moved into our house his workload was pretty light, so he was able to get us settled in way faster than I expected. Then, the month I had to back off my work at CrossWorld because of the babies, his workload increased. In that same month, God prompted some of our supporters to give us a generous gift which was a HUGE help.

We’ve had 3 baby showers and many other friends have provided tons of baby clothes and gear to help us get ready for the girls. And now, when I feel so uncomfortable and marvel at my fat cankles, I’m again free from work, and even have the assistance of not only my wonderful husband, but my service-oriented mom as well.

God has been very, very good to us.


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