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Our Beautiful Babies

They are here!!! OK, so they have been here for 2 months now…and we should have introduced them to you that long ago. But alas, this is the best we have to offer, and they are so stinking cute I think you’ll forget their mommy & daddy’s delinquency! 🙂 Yes, I’m terribly partial.

The bottom 2 pics are from a day or two after their birth (Riley Elyse with me, then Bella Brea). The top 2 are their 1st photo shoot with daddy at 1 month. (1st pic, Riley looking at camera, Bella gazing curiously at her sister, 2nd pic, Bella’s head:).

In brief, the birth story:

Monday morning, July 26th, my water broke, but my contractions didn’t change any. I’d been dilated to 4cm for several days & had irregular contractions for weeks. After a leisurely breakfast (they don’t feed you in the hospital!!), we made the drive to Shawnee Mission Medical Center. Because regular contractions never came, they gave me an epidural around noon, then started the drugs to induce me.

After an hour or two, I was only at 5cm. Of course, the stinking doctors start talking about c-section if I don’t start dilating faster. So we sent a text to friends asking for prayer. Next time they checked I was at 7cm! Again, no change for a few hours. Again, they talk c-section. Again, we send out another prayer request. Next time they check me, I’m at 10cm and we’re rolling into the operating room! (All twins at this hospital are born in OR, just in case).

So that was around 9:30 pm. I started to get a fever just before they rolled me into OR, and let me tell you, that room was COLD! At 10:56, Riley Elyse Jackson (finally!) made her grand entrance! She was 5lb 14oz and 19 3/4 inches. Unfortunately, because her water had been broken all day long, she got a bit of my fever. So we didn’t get to hold her at all – they whisked her away to the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). Bummer, but I was exhausted and getting ready for Bella to come, so was plenty distracted.

At 11:45 Isabelle Brea Jackson was born! She was 6lb 7oz and 18 inches. Because she was a bit bigger than her sister, it was just as tough getting her out. But thankfully, she was healthy, so we got to hold her a bit there in the OR. So beautiful!

Chad went to the NICU to see the girls right away while I recovered a bit. At 2:30am they wheeled me in to see my babies. Now, I’ve never been much of a baby person…could take them or leave them, honestly. But wow, when they’re your own…it really is different. I had no idea I could love these 2 little people so much, when they had done nothing to win me over, and I really barely knew them. Yes, I’m sure it’s partly because of God’s hormone cocktail he mixes for new moms, but I think it also goes deeper than that. God gives us the smallest glimpse of how powerful and unearned his love is for us.

So I’ve been thinking on that a bit more lately. I’m a firm believer in original sin, and I know quite well that my beautiful little girls are also little sinners. As they grow more independent, they will also reveal their rebellious hearts at times (just like me & you and everyone else). But as their mom, I don’t dwell on that. I don’t walk around meditating on the glimpses of selfishness I already see in them at times. I think on how beautiful their eyes are, how fun it is that they are smiling now! and wondering about what kind of women they will be some day.

Sometimes I think we Christians (meaning me) presume God is always meditating on our sin (with a scowl). Of course he’s aware of it, and of course he’s far from impressed by it. But if we are in Christ, we are a new creation, and are slowly becoming all that God always intended for us. If I as a sinful mom find myself relishing in the beauty of my little girls, how much more must God find joy in us (his creation), and enjoy watching us become who he always intended us to be?

Just a thought. And feel free to comment on the theological accuracy or inaccuracy of it, as I haven’t really pondered what scriptural support I have for this. Maybe I’ll do that at my next 3am feeding:).

More later. For now, my bed is calling.


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Hi all,

I promise we will update you on our 2 beautiful girls, soon! They are now 1 month old, growing well. For the moment, wanted to share this great video clip on how church is supposed to work.

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