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First Friday’s is always a good time to get out, walk the streets, and get some fresh air. This month, it was even better as our artist group made the rounds together. It’s hard to believe that we spent over 3 hours walking around the Crossroads area, even on a blustery evening in February!

While visiting the art galleries was enjoyable, I was really looking forward to the main event….First Friday’s Film Festival! Ok, so maybe it wasn’t actually a festival with carnival rides and snow cone machines, but we did have tortilla chips, salsa, a wonderful apricot jalapeno chip dip, and a box of Chips O’hoy extra chunky cookies! That’s good for a festival.

Our group decided on a film entitled The Fall. Its a captivating movie, one that I would heartily recommend if you enjoy epic tales, great costumes, and vivid colors.

Below are a few images from our jaunt around the First Friday’s venue.

In an effort to help you learn more about us, please take a few seconds to tell us what you would like to see more of on our blog. Thanks!

 Take care, talk with ya’ll soon!

Chad & Traci


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We apologize for the long delay between posts, the last two weeks have been a real whirlwind! I (Chad) have had the opportunity to work with several local photographers in the last month. One opportunity has really been great as I have been working closely with a photographer named Jenny Wheat with Wheat Photography.

I met Jenny at a photo seminar about two months ago and things have really taken off since then. Jenny had two studios, one in DeSoto, and another smaller loft space in downtown Kansas City.

In the last week, She had found a larger studio space, over 5000 sq. ft. just one block from her other downtown studio. So…. she decided to consolidate her two studios, the one in DeSoto, and the one downtown, into the larger space. I have been helping Jenny by assisting her on shoots and doing all the editing and post production. We are now starting to work more closely together on several projects and we have quickly developed a good working relationship. Hopefully, this will lead to more contacts and greater ministry opportunities as I begin to work more in that area of town.

This is an area where a concentrated number of artists have their own studios so there is great potential to reach out to these artists and to try a number of ideas our team has had about using the arts to build relationships with other artists and to use our newly coined phrase… “Art as Discipleship.”

Pray for me that I would be able to make the most of the opportunities presented through this contact and that we could reach several artists who have studios in this area.

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After a very long drought in our support progress, the Lord has provided for us 3 new supporters which now brings us over the 25% mark. Some of you may remember that we were close to this amount earlier but after the new year, CrossWorld made the decision, and rightly so, to raise our support level to account for the dollar being so weak against the Euro. 


Although it seems like our financial support level has made slow progress, we have made some significant strides in other areas specifically in making new connections with other artists.


If you have read the three fold focus for this ministry, you will remember that the third focus was “Invite”. With that focus, we intended to invite North American Christian artists to join with us to use their God given gifts and talents. I really believe that we are in that phase right now. We have come across so many artists who have expressed a sincere desire to be at least a part of this ministry and to serve in some capacity wether it be a 2 week trip or even as long as 2 years. 


Recently I met up with an old friend of mine named Isaac Alongi. Isaac is a phenomenal photographer who truly has a gift for capturing the expressions of people. Check out his website at www.isaacalongi.com  As we met, I shared with Isaac the intent and three fold focus of this ministry and although he couldnt commit to long term service, he was interested in learning more and possibly serving alongside us on a shorter trip. 


Please pray with us that the Lord would continue to provide valuable contacts like Isaac. We also appreciate your continued prayer as we seek new financial supporters to help us get to the field. We couldnt do this with out faithful supporters like you, and we appreciate all your prayers and support more than we could ever express in words.


Thank you!

Chad and Traci

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Just wanted to post a few pictures from the Glocal Festival on March 2. The event went well and I would estimate that there were over 200 people in attendance. A great turnout and we had a lot of interest at our table about using the Arts in ministry.

Here are a few photos from that night. Thanks for praying!




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It has begun…

Thanks for hangin’ with us this weekend. We’ll try to keep things fresh and updated for ya! It’s official, the writings on the wall…. literally ;-0

Here’s the first set of snaps from tonights work:

_mg_4171.jpg The art begins!

_mg_4160.jpg Joe giving his full mental support

_mg_4165.jpg Our studio setup for the project complete with webcasting crew!

_mg_4170.jpg “This is called a tape” … as Kevin almost forgets to change the video tape after one hours work. DOH!

_mg_4168.jpg Counting the Cost. The theme for this piece.

Check back later for some progress shots.

Check here for the live webcast. 

Take care!

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Hello again,

I just wanted to give a quick heads up to you all about a new photo blog I started yesterday. Actually, I tried to start it last year, but got sidetracked and then forgot about it. The premise of it is to capture things through photography that are used everyday and capture it in a unique way. You can read more about what the blog is by reading the About page on Every Day Things.

I welcome any feedback, as I am really trying to hone my craft in photography. One particular reason for doing this photo blog is to challenge my creativity as a photographer, which I hope by challenging myself to shoot something “mundane”, I will accomplish a new level of creativity. I guess I consider this in part, as training for our future ministry… Creative Arts. The more I can challenge myself to be creative… the better 😉

Check out the new blog at http://www.everydaythings.wordpress.com or click here.

And spread the word! I would love this blog to be a bit more interactive so if you have any thoughts or suggestions for creative themes, send ’em my way.


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Imago Dei Art Show

We are excited to be a part of a month long art exhibition here in Kansas City presented by Imago Dei. Imago Dei (Image of God) is a nationwide creative arts ministry that started here in Kansas City at a local church.

We welcome you to join us this Friday night, October 5th at 6:30pm for the reception and awards ceremony. Come for the art, or just come to say hi, we would love to see you there!

Unfortunately, we missed last years show, but we are looking forward to participating in this years exhibition that runs the whole month of October at St. Michaels All Angels Episcopal Church. View Map

Below are the two pieces of Chad’s that were accepted into the show. We also took this opportunity to rent a booth at the reception and awards ceremony so that we could meet new folks and hopefully share a little bit with them about our long term goals with CrossWorld and creative arts in France.

King: This photo was one I took on a photographers field trip to the Omaha Zoo. It was a cold day and I had to shoot through a 6 inch pane of glass, but you would never know. This image is a new favorite of mine!


Prairie Winds: This photo was taken on my first trip to the National Tallgrass Prairie Reserve near Manhattan Kansas. It still amazes me how I was at just the right spot at just the right time!

Prairie Winds

Come see these beautifully framed images at the Imago Dei Art Show this Friday night, October 5th. We will be at the Church (listed above) at 6:30pm. See you there!

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