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Hello again,

I just wanted to give a quick heads up to you all about a new photo blog I started yesterday. Actually, I tried to start it last year, but got sidetracked and then forgot about it. The premise of it is to capture things through photography that are used everyday and capture it in a unique way. You can read more about what the blog is by reading the About page on Every Day Things.

I welcome any feedback, as I am really trying to hone my craft in photography. One particular reason for doing this photo blog is to challenge my creativity as a photographer, which I hope by challenging myself to shoot something “mundane”, I will accomplish a new level of creativity. I guess I consider this in part, as training for our future ministry… Creative Arts. The more I can challenge myself to be creative… the better 😉

Check out the new blog at http://www.everydaythings.wordpress.com or click here.

And spread the word! I would love this blog to be a bit more interactive so if you have any thoughts or suggestions for creative themes, send ’em my way.



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